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Eternal Cosmeceuticals Eyesential Eternal Cosmeceuticals

Eternal Cosmeceuticals

For years women have been searching for something that provides a powerful force in antiageing and beauty without the need for surgery.  Eternal Cosmeceuticals Limited at Colour Directions are proud to introduce Eyesential, The Lift, Lashes, Elevate.  Four miracle products that do more to turn back the ravages of time and enhance your natural assets than anything else available on the market today.  To find out more download the brochure.




Eyesential under eye enhancer is a unique non surgical cosmetic miracle which temporarily erases puffiness, fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles in minutes, yet lasts for up to 10 hours. Applied under make up, the non penetrative light weight formula works immediately by forming an extremely fine and invisible veil under the eye leaving the skin noticeably smoother and younger looking.

Developed for the Hollywood film industry, this secret weapon has been used by top make-up artists to the stars for over 30 years to give them an instant eye lift and is available for home use worldwide.  This miracle in a bottle is essential for that

special occasion when you simply have to look your best, yet gentle enough for use

everyday for the same dramatic results.



The Lift

The Lift, a non-surgical face lift, that gives dramatic results in an instant. It lifts, tones and firms the face, leaving skin refined, smooth and radiant for a fresher and more youthful complexion. The Lift has been used professionally by leading make-up artists to the stars for many years. Now this amazing ‘salon style’ treatment is available worldwide for use in your own home to achieve the same dramatic results. Expect to lose up to ten years from your face instantly. The Lift comes conveniently and hygienically packaged in sachets along with a professional facial brush, making it easier for you to bring this professional facial treatment straight from the salon into your home.

The Lift is an easy-to-use mask of mineral powders, fruit extracts and enzyme boosters that work to gently stimulate circulation and increase blood supply to help restore the skin’s muscle tone and elasticity.




Elevate is a brand new clinically proven bust increasing and firming cream.

Elevate stimulates the production of fat in the breasts to help increase the bust size whilst firming and smoothing out the epidermis so crepiness and fine lines are visibly reduced. Vitamin E also helps to strengthen the skin and prevents cellular damage.

Elevate can also be used to develop more symmetrical looking breasts by pinpointing problem areas.

Adipocytes, which store fat, are situated in the hypodermis, the deepest layer of skin. Elevate’s active ingredient increases the storage of fat in the adipocytes whilst preventing the loss of natural lipids, which results in larger fat cells for an increased bust size. This action also smoothes out any fine lines in the process so the breast area is left smoother, firmer and fuller. Clinical trials* with Commipheroline showed that 80% of women tested gained up to 4cm in a period of 6 weeks with twice daily use.

With twice daily application, you should notice:




Lashes is a revolutionary new cosmetic formula that will rejuvenate your eyelashes and eyebrows within weeks, giving your eyelashes greater length, volume, texture and density.

The aim is to provide a new alternative to traditional false eyelashes or eyelash extensions.

The breakthrough technology in this lash enhancing conditioner is proven to rejuvenate eyelashes to increase its volume, length, texture and density by an eye-fluttering 30% - 50%, even on the thinnest, shortest hairs.

Lashes prevents the adverse effects of heavy beauty cosmetics use and environmental pollutants which can weaken lashes, so you can have glamorously fuller and longer eyelashes that are all your own. It also works a dream on eyebrows to fill out any over-zealous plucking disasters.

Lashes is applied like liquid eyeliner on the upper and/or lower eyelid on the base of the eyelashes and/or eyebrow once a day preferably at night. Within 3 weeks, you will see a measurable difference, and after 6 weeks, natural eyelashes will look longer, thicker more full and simply spectacular.

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